Prevent hackers from accessing your camera


Cyber hacking is an ongoing reality and concern in our digital-dependent lives. In seconds, cyber criminals and voyeurs can secretly take over and control the camera on your private laptops, desktop computers, mobile devices, and phones—giving them access to images and video of your most intimate moments and secure financial information.

Physically blocking your camera with KamShield, an elegantly designed cover that fits securely over the camera lens of your laptop, iPad, or tablet, is the simplest way to protect yourself and keep your private life secure.



privacy is only possible by physically blocking the camera.



US consumers fell victim to identity theft in the last year.



of all Americans have fallen victim to some form of cyber crime.


The perfect way to protect your privacy

With advancements in technology comes the vulnerability of our privacy. Cyber criminals, hackers, and hostile countries are on a nonstop pursuit of stealing private and secure information, such as financial, health, and business secrets. Hacking techniques even include masking the identity of any person or agency capable of secretly hacking into anything from your web-connected cameras—including iPhones, iPads, and Android devices—to smart televisions.
Little is private in our digital lives. And, at no other time is this more evident than with the use of our mobile technology and the increasing ability for cyber voyeurs, hackers and agencies such as the CIA to remotely take over your web-connected cameras—watching, recording and exposing your private and most intimate moments. With simple malware, anyone has the ability to remotely record your images and video at any moment without your knowledge.


WikiLeaks claims to reveal how CIA hacks TVs and phones all over the World.

Wikileaks reported 1000s of files supporting the CIA’s team of hackers secretly developing malware that enables masked hacking into any devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Why I cover my iPhone and laptop camera and why you should too.

More and more IT security experts are covering the camera on their devices as a result of hackers’ abilities to remotely control cameras—all while dismantling the camera indicator light.

Arrest made in Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf 'sextortion' case.

Man arrested for cyber hacking and sextortion against nine women including Miss Teen USA, after secretly recording nude photos and videos then blackmailing for more.


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